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Welcome to Camp Horizon (Leesburg, FL)

Our registration software (CampWise) has several modules that each have a Landing Page or Dashboard. The same user name and password can be used for the Camper, Staff, and Donor login pages after being activated in the office. This page is to help you to land in the right place. General information is located at

Choose the appropriate dashboard from either the top menu (campers – donors) or the bottom menu (staff – organizations).

SIBLING DISCOUNTS for summer camp 2022 are automatic. The discount is not applied to the first camper to register. All additional campers with the same family login receive a $25 sibling discount.

The assembly (chapel) and pre-approved group discounts are automatically applied. Churches are found in the Camper Profile form and must be entered from the scroll down selector prior to registering for a session of camp. Only churches that have made arrangements (sending ten or more campers) qualify for this discount.

If you do not qualify for either the sibling or group discount and need financial assistance you will find an online form CAMPER ASSISTANCE on the camper dashboard. Look under online forms AFTER you enroll a camper for a session.

Enrolled campers do not become registered until the non-refundable registration fee is paid ($30). Enrolled sessions can be cancelled by the user from the camper dashboard if you change your mind before making a payment.

Enrolled but not registered sessions are periodically removed. A cancellation email is sent to the address on the camper record. You can login and enroll/register again if desired. The camper forms are not erased when a session is removed.