Returning Campers

It is important that you do not add duplicate campers or contacts. If you need to add a camper or a contact that may already have a camp account, contact the camp office.

The New Camper page is a good review. That information is not repeated here. Take a moment to look at that page to refresh your memory.

Much of the online forms content is retained. We only erase signatures and certain fields. However, make sure to update things that have changed. T-Shirt sizes, church attending, healthcare information, etc.

Every form has at least one required entry to force you to look at it.

The Medical Information form is required before you can register. However, we made the allergies, prescription meds, and over-the-counter meds optional. These were keeping people from completing the registration process (you could not pay). However, we ask that you visit those forms before arrival. A reminder email will be sent a few weeks before each camp session begins.

You can skip the purchase page for now and add items closer to summer.